City of Bellingham Signage, Bellingham WA

Our studio designed a city-wide wayfinding signage program which includes vehicular directionals, gateway markers and information kiosks. Our goal was to design a system that reflects the characteristics of the built environment of Bellingham's modest waterfront community. In response to the utilitarian architecture of the city, our design employs a clear and directly functional assembly system. We established a series of shapes to signify certain types of information. Rectangles contain the names of places, circles are used for directional information such as arrows and maps, the arch is used for entrances or gateway markers and a tablet shape is used for historical information. From a distance one knows what type of information lies ahead. The vehicular directionals direct people from the I-5 freeway at three major exits to the downtown and waterfront areas. Five gateway markers sign the threshold when a driver enters downtown. Nine information kiosks are strategically placed in the downtown and waterfront areas. The kiosks contain a city map and historical information specific to the location of the kiosk.